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Choose from hundreds of vector maps and expand RVM capabilities for your WordPress site

In order to install a map you need to get RVM plugin for free via plugin inventory using the “Plugins” ≫ “Add New” menu or download it and manually install from WordPress repository.

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Our inventory grows every day, but if map you’re looking for is not in following list or you would like to turn your svg into an RVM compatible map, just drop us an email at!


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43 thoughts on “Download maps”

  1. Hello!

    I’m amazed of your work. Have you maybe a map of Austria around? Or can you give me a hint how to create one? That would be really great!

    Kind regards,


  2. i purchase the algeria card from your site this morning , i discovre the region limites inside this country not exact , some area was deformed , you can tchecked in google earth or other sig.
    Please gime a solution.

    1. Hi Laid,
      as discussed via email, I hope you’re enjoying the new and correct map I’ve sent !

      Thanks for spotting it and all the best!

  3. Hi Enrico,

    I would like to purchase a map for the Philippines, but I wish for the regions to be updated: (1) Shariff Kabunsuan did not materialize as province; (2) a new province was added Davao Occidental, which was originally a part of Davao del Sur; (3) Sabah is not part of the Philippines. By the way, how do I add a hyperlink to each region?


    1. Thanks Powell for your insights !
      (1) Shariff Kabunsua : is , yes it is, is very small between Maguindanao and lanao del Sur.
      (2) a new province was added Davao Occidental, which was originally a part of Davao del Sur : you’re right, I need to update map
      (3) Sabah is not part of the Philippines : you’re right: in fact it appears in the list but is not present in the map itself. So map is right :-O

      Adding a link to a region i spretty simple: you can add in the “Subdivions” tab once installed the plugin.

      Let me know,

      1. Thanks for the reply! What I meant about Shariff Kabunsuan is that it was not a province anymore. So I think you may include that in the update for this map. Great work by the way, it fits what I want in mind. Hope to hear from you soon because I am excited to use an updated map


        1. Thanks Powell for your contribute !
          I’ll get ridd of Philippines map from the inventory for the moment.

          Have a great day,

  4. HI Enrico,

    Is there a way of having the borders all the same thickness?
    From example if you have a white map and canvas colour with a black border when two countries join a 1px becomes 2 but any not joining are still 1px so looks odd?

    1. Hi Darren, I see what you mean, but unless the borders are embedded with each area/region, is not possible what you ask.
      Maybe you can use a 0.1px for borders to minimize this effect!

      Sorry and thanks for using RVM !

  5. Hi,

    I love your plugin. Is there any chance to translate the country names when using a world map? I tried it with Loco Translate but couldnt find the names… Or is it possible to hide the country names while hovering over the map?


    1. Hi Powell, maybe a flatten one ( without regions ) could be fine as well ?
      Maybe I can provide this easily…

  6. Hi …,
    I am very interested in your plugin but there’s no map about the Philippines, which is mentioned also in the comments here. Is this map available?

    1. Hi Timo,
      I could provide a flat map of Philippines ( without subdivions ).

      Let me know if could be fine for your project,


  7. Ciao,

    io avrei un problema con la pubblicazione della mappa.

    Una volta creato un nuovo item, selezionata la mappa desiderata (l’Italia) e settato tutte le opzioni, quando clicco sul tasto pubblica, mi si visualizza un messaggio Pop up con scritto “Install your map before publishing”.
    PerΓ² questo tasto non lo vedo da nessuna parte, l’unico momento in cui viene visualizzato un tasto del genere Γ¨ quando al momento di selezionare la mappa clicco su “Custom map”, ma a me serve una delle mappe di default quindi non posso risolvere in quel modo.

    Come posso fare? Da cosa Γ¨ dato questo problema?


    1. Ciao Marco,

      strano ti venga visualizzato quel messaggio, dovrebbe darlo solamente nel caso si stia installando una Custom Map e non si sia cliccato su “Install Your Map”.

      Hai provato se ti da errore anche con le altre mappe ?

  8. Thanks so much for these awesome maps. They’re really great for use on my blog! Any chance you plan to add a Chile map in the future? I didn’t see one in the list.

    1. Ola! πŸ™‚
      I also need a map of Romania for 2-3 clients, building some websites…
      We are ok to pay.
      When can you make it?

      1. Hi both,

        unfortunately map I have is non correct, it misses a couple of departments.
        Sorry but thanks for your interest!

  9. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way of getting a correct default World Map? there are a bunch of islands missing in the caribbean sea that I need, please?

    1. Hi Zulimar. I know, there are missing even on African side too.
      I cannot d anything for that at the moment. Sorry

  10. I am looking for a map of the provinces of spain. Your plugin for wordpress is awsome, but I cannot find that map. Could you please tell me if you have that one, and the price?

    Thank you in advance,

  11. Hi!
    Awesome plugin πŸ™‚ We’d love to try it with a map of Trinidad, and also of Tobago separately. Could you produce this for us, please?

    Thank you,

  12. Hi.

    Epic plugin!!

    I need to reduce the height of the standard world map for display on my site. I’d like to keep the width if possible.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi Kyle,

      changing the height without changing width accordingly will result into a stretched map. Basically you’ll loose it’s aspect ratio.
      You could do it via css I guess, but I would not go on that direction πŸ™‚

      All the best

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