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42 thoughts on “Contacts”

  1. we have a svg series of maps and we want to customise it?
    we use a plugin called mapsvg, but support is awful
    you can check this link
    thats the things we want to do!
    we have some questions?
    1. we have a dwg or svg
    2. we want info window, change colors, on mouse, ability to display pictures, links, etc.

    is it possible?
    how do we translate from svg to shp?
    how can we customise areas and onmouseover display?

    Thanks in Advanced

    1. Hi Miguel,

      thanks for your comment.
      Actually is not possible having the same features you have with mapsvg (ex. info box at mouseover). What you can have is linkable regions with a tooltip effect on mouseover ( just name of the region / country itself ). The plugin is at his basic state at the momnet ! What you can change is map colour ( the onmouseover colour is teh same of teh background just with different opacity ), having the zoom button or not and specifying links each region / country.

      Anyway the over colour of the region should not be a big issue, so it will be released further easily.

      With next release users will be able to add custom markers on the map too.

      To come to your second question, I do not know, but should be some online converter.
      Maps used here are taken from jvectormap website.

      Cheers and stay tuned 🙂

    2. Hi Miguel,

      most of the features you were asking for are now available in the new version 2.5.1 … just released… still warm like the bread at the baker’s shop !

    1. Hi Clay,

      unfortunately I’m not able to check it on Windows phone at the moment.
      If you can you may have a look at the code at this point: in rvm_shortcode.php change following code from

      if( function_exists ( ‘wp_is_mobile’ ) && wp_is_mobile() ) { // wp_is_mobile() since 3.4

      $output .= ‘if(code == “‘ . $region[ 1 ] . ‘”) { window.location.assign(“‘ . $regionsparams_array[ ‘field_region_link’ ] . ‘” ) ; }’ ;

      } // if( function_exists ( ‘wp_is_mobile’ ) && wp_is_mobile() )

      else {

      $output .= ‘if(code == “‘ . $region[ 1 ] . ‘”) {“‘ . $regionsparams_array[ ‘field_region_link’ ] . ‘”, “‘ . $map_region_link_target . ‘” ) ; }’ ;



      $output .= ‘if(code == “‘ . $region[ 1 ] . ‘”) {“‘ . $regionsparams_array[ ‘field_region_link’ ] . ‘”, “‘ . $map_region_link_target . ‘” ) ; }’ ;

      And let me know if it works.
      Basically for mobile devices I use a different javascript function in order to make it work on Apple mobile devices.

      Thanks in advance

  2. Another question: how do I turn the map background and the states/countries to be transparent, such as 88% transparent?

    I’d like to have a 88% transparent white background, some 88% transparent white states/countries, with some states/countries that are 100% opaque.

    1. HI Marcos,

      what you mean “compatible with maps and css” ? RVM needs specific maps formatted in jvector way in order to work.

      Just give me more details and I’ll try to give a better answer 🙂


  3. Salve, ho un problema con il plugin, a volte non viene colorata la regione selezionata, sembra che non prenda il css. Da cosa può dipendere?

    1. Se potesse cortesemente mandarmi un link sarebbe per me più semplice capire l’eventuale problema.
      Potrebbe anche darmi qualche dettaglio sul dispositivo, browser e sistema operativo che sta utilizzando ?
      Grazie e buona giornata !

      1. Salve, grazie per la sua risposta. Il problema che sto abbiamo è presente anche nel suo sito. Cliccando varie volte sulle varie regioni della cartina (la Germania, per esempio), a volte (credo casualmente) non “prende” apparentemente il click (nel senso che l’area non si colora). Domani mi vedo con il nostro sviluppatore, le farò preparare una pagina per mostrarle il nostro problema. Grazie ancora per la disponibilità.

        1. Salve Pietro, il problema sembra manifestarsi con alcuni browser come Chrome quando hanno il popup blocker attivo. Questo è dovuto alla funzione javascript che apre il link

          Presto rlascerò un fix per questo.

          Grazie per il feedback

  4. Hello,
    We require RVM maps for UAE. How can we customize/ add UAE maps? Can we upload SVG formats?

    Please help.

  5. Hi RVM Team

    is it possible to remove the hover Effects on all Regions?
    If where can I control that?


    1. Hi Rolf,
      there is not a setting to control it, sorry.

      Following version of RVM will give more customisation possibilities to the users… so stay tuned !

      1. Anche a me servirebbe la gestione dell’ hover sulle regioni nel setting “World”.
        Enrico complimenti per l’ottimo lavoro fin qui realizzato, attenderò ulteriori sviluppi.


        1. Ciao Maurizio,
          ti ringrazio per i complimenti.

          Tra poco rilascerò una nuova versione che include anche la possibilità di controllo sull’hover…
          Stai tuned 🙂

  6. Hi guys!

    First of all congrats for your work! I really love it!

    But I’m with a small little problem. Everything works perfect, but on the widget part doesn’t appears the title.

    For example, I named my map as a Current Location, and the only thing that appears it’s the map, and not the map title. Can you help me please? > you can see what I’m talking about in my blog. Thank you!

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      thanks for using RVM and for sharing your blog !
      RVM does not show its post title by default, but you can use a trick dragging the “Text” widget upon RVM widget in Appearence–> Widget panel of your WordPress Dashboard.
      Give your title and left the content empty… and et voila.

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your useful plugin. I am trying to install a custom map, and it is not working for me at all.

    I am starting with trying to upload your own test map, SX-70. These are my steps:
    1) In WordPress, go to RVM Maps/Add new map
    2)Select “Add Custom Map” from the drop down
    3)Press “Select Map” to select from Media Library
    4)Choose the SX-70 map. I have tried 2 different formats – first the whole zipfile (, second, when that didn’t work, just the js file (jquery-jvectormap-SX-70.js)
    5)Click “Install Your Map”. At this point I get the error message ‘Damned… Something went wrong ! Please check if name of the map is correct ( place just map name) or if you have uploaded the map previous month and try again uploading map now using wordpress media uploader.’

    Could you tell me:
    -what you think the problem might be?
    -what the custom map installation ought to look like once it’s finished (that is, which new files ought to be in position, in which place in the WordPress file structure)?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi,

    I have recently used your map on word press and it looks good on the computer but when I load it on mobile, it seems to load two maps stacked on top of each other – any tips or tricks I could use to make this more mobile friendly?


    1. Hi Sandy,

      thanks fir your message, could you be so nice to send me over a test link please?
      Have a great day,

  9. I bought a Polish map and I would like to translate the names of provinces and unfortunately I do not know where. Can I count on help?

    1. Hi Grzendi,
      thanks for your purchase and for using RVM.
      Just have a look at this page and search for paragraph “Translate subdivisions’ names on front end ( visible map on your site )”.

      All the best,

    1. Hi Laura,
      thanks for contacting me: what would you like to achieve exactly?
      By default RVM has no api to hook map to other plugins…but let see what do you need 🙂
      Just let em know,

  10. I am looking to purchase the USA MAP ( MERCATOR ) (and of course donate!) but have a question. I need to be able to divide some of the states into specific sections.
    For example, let’s say I wanted to divide the state of Michigan down the middle and have each half be its own selectable section.
    Is this possible?

    1. Hi Jamie,
      thanks for reaching out!
      Actually is not possible with current map. Have you an image I can check? Probably I could create a specific and special map for you.
      Contact me via email ( ) so we can eventually follow this discussion further.
      Thank you and have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Steve, is not possible to upload svg directly: the file needs a specific format. Try to download the free SX-70 map to check it!
      All the best.

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