Responsive Vector Maps (RVM) is a free map plugin for WordPress

Extremely easy too install and configure, RVM is a cool alternative to standard maps: beautiful and clean svg maps for modern websites, particularly suitable for travel bloggers and travel sites!

What does it do ?

RVM ( Responsive Vector Maps ) allows you to create customizable and clickable responsive vector maps for your WordPress sites. The plugin is completely free and comes by default with 2 maps: Italy Map and World Map.
All RVM maps are in SVG format (a vector format) that insures incredible definition to the map avoiding pixelation effect you have generally enlarging or reducing bitmap images (png, jpg, gif etc…).

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If you’re looking for other maps to use within your site, probably we have: more then 200 cool maps ready to be installed and customized into RVM in just one step without any coding skills!

Our interactive and linkable map of Rome divided into quarters, suburbs and boroughs

Have a look at map of Rome

Have a look at what you can achieve with RVM!


  • Linkable Subdivisions: Customize background colours, links and html popup ( tooltip )
  • Toggle (show/hide) elements on the page or display label content over the map when clicking on subdivisions
  • Linkable Markers: Add your linkable markers on most of the maps using latitude and longitude
  • Chance to have html popup, dimension ( marker radius ) and min/max radius dimension scale
  • Custom Icon for Pinpoints: Use your favourite images as icons for markers’ pinpoints ( paid module available only for maps specifically support it )
  • Customizable look and feel ( even transparent background )
  • Mouseover tooltip effect
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Shortcodes: Use generated shortcodes in your posts, pages or sidebars
  • Widget: Maps can be used in widget area too
  • Preview functionality: WYSAWYG while creating/editing your map
  • Export and Import features: export and import markers and subdivision settings in just 2 clicks
  • Responsive: Maps will adapt their width to any device
  • High quality image
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • +200 downloadable maps available
  • Chance to install dynamic maps with all kind of svg ( not only geographical maps ! )

Have a look at RVM settings within your WordPress Dashboars!

North America and USA

Have a look at our +200 cool maps ready to be installed and customized into RVM in just one step without any coding skills!
Country, city, continent and world maps. Adapt any map to your website look-and-feel.
Link any region of the maps to your posts, pages or any other external link.
Add markers using latitude and longitude on most of the maps.

Have a look at our complete inventory of downloadable maps

+6000 websites already use RVM!
Want you to be the next?

Download RVM 6.5.7

Latest maps added

Some maps of our inventory…

Have a look at our complete inventory of downloadable maps


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  1. Download RVM 6.5.7
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New, under Install Plugins title click on Upload and use the browse button to search the .zip file you have downloaded at point 1
  3. Once activated you have a RVM tab on the left hand side
  4. Start creating your favourite maps

Still thinking better using Google Maps ?

Even if you do not want to consider the advantage to use a local javascript resource without disturbing Google servers , you cannot achieve following with any other plugin !

Potentially everything can be turned into an svg can become a linkable map for RVM

SX-70 camera is not provided together with the code 🙂

Get the Polaroid SX-70 svg map for free for testing purpose and credit me all around the globe ! Install it as a normal plugin ( Requires at least RVM ver. 6.1.2 ).

Thanks mr. Land.

If you are looking for other maps just have a look at download page !

What does it mean  “responsive” ?

Basically RVM map will always adapt automatically to any kind of device: mobile, tablet, desktop, wide screen tv etc…

If you are an history fan or just you want to know more about responsiveness, please check this article on List Apart.

Ok, but why vector ?

Vector maps have the advantage to not loose quality when reducing or increasing their sizes. Then maps created with this plugin are capable to  maintain their aspect ratio adapting perfectly to their container.

Using RVM you will not need to create static images for area map tags. Based on great work of Kirill Lebedev jvectormap, this plugin uses a combination of css, html and javascript to create as many svg maps as you like for your site.

You can use maps in sidebars as widgets or just in the post content using shortcodes.

Download Maps

Have a look at our complete inventory of downloadable maps

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize map and canvas colours ?

Yes, these are possible layout customisations:

  1. Canvas colour
  2. Map colour
  3. Map border colour
  4. Add zoom-in/zoom-out buttons
  5. Map width ( can use em, %, px etc.. )

Can I customize map region links ?

Yes, it’s possible to customize links for each region/area displayed in the map. When creating a new map or editing an existing one, you will have chance to assign url to each area/region of the map. Default areas/regions have just a tooltip mouseover effect displaying area/region name. It’s possible to add html or plain text into regions/areas tooltip in complete security.

Which WP version is the plugin compatible with ?

The plugin will work at its best from WP ver 3.6 onwards.

I created a new map, but I would like to give specific width just for a specific post, is it possible ?

Yes, you can create a new map which will adapt to your box container automatically and will be responsive, but you can even use an additional width parameter to the shortcode within a specific post. Your map will have specific width just for that post.

Have a look here to see how it works!