In this page I’ll explain how to translate default map subdivisions’ names and use it in multi languages sites.

Translate subdivisions’ names ( regions, country or provinces ) into another language then default will be super easy since RVM version 6.0.0 !

Download RVM for free from WordPress Plugin Repository

If you have an older version of RVM please update to the latest to get the most out of RVM!
Let’s now walk through the simply process of changing default names of RVM maps!

Check “Get rid of Subdivisions names” setting in map main settings panel

In main settings  select the checkbox to get rid of Subdivisions' names

Select the checkbox in main settings to get rid of Subdivisions’ names


Then move to the “Label” area in “Subdivisions” tab

Use label textarea to change default subdivion name

Use label textarea to change default subdivion name


I used “My translated Antwerp” just as an example: you will use the eventual translated version of subdivision’s name.

See results in front end

Subdivision name translated

Subdivision name translated

Now, if you’re running a website in different languages, you can create different instances of same maps, change subdivisions’ names accordingly and use the shortcodes ( displayed in settings on top of every map ) to display different map each language.

You can use a plugin to insert php code or directly into your template you are familiar with programming.

In case you want to use a plugin, we suggest to download Woody Ad snippets ( aka insert php ) and create snippets with example code provided below (just change at your needs).

If you are a developer or you can write a bit of php code, you can use the do_shortcode WP feature together with wp_lang and you’ll display the correct maps for all your languages!


if (get_locale() == 'de_DE') { 
//if Deutsch 
echo do_shortcode('[rvm_map mapid="12345"]'); 
else { 
//all other languages 
echo do_shortcode('[rvm_map mapid="56789"]'); } 

In case you do not want all of that, it’s possible we could create a map in a specific language for you. Just drop us an email at and we’ll do our best to come back to you as soon as possible!