If you are running latest RVM version (since 6.1.2 ) and find following symbol on the map page:

Easy Installation icon


You can skip following explanation: New maps can be installed as a normal plugin.

For all the other where you cannot see that symbol, please continue reading this page !

A detailed explanation is also sent via email together with link to purchased map, so do not worry too much !

In this page I will explain how to install a downloaded map from this site ( aka RVM Custom Maps ).

Custom Maps only works since RVM 3.0. If you have an old version please download and install latest version of RVM! .

Download your favourite Custom Maps

Before you start

Be sure you have checked the “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” in “Settings –> Media” (just for map installation).

Check Media settings

Media settings must have “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” checked

1) Let’s go installing a new map using the “Add New Map” link in RVM menu

"Add A New Map" link

2) Select “Add Custom Map »” from the Select Map drop down menu

Use "Add Custom Map" item from drop down menu


3) Select your custom map using the “Select Map” button

"Select Map" button


4) Use the “Upload Files” button to choose your custom map bought on this site and downloaded onto your computer

Upload your map via the "Media Uploader""

5) In this example we are uploading a map of Asia

Select your map, Asia in this example

6) Now map is ready to be installed into your WordPress site : use the “Install your map” button

Click on "Install your map" button

7) Map is correctly installed, we have green light from Nasa!

Map is correctly installed

8) Just publish the post and and you are ready to customize it and use it wherever you want via a shortcode or as a widget in a sidebar

Now you can publish your post

9) Shortcode is just at the top of the post. You can copy that shortcode and paste it in pages, posts or in the code using the do_shortcode() wp function. You can even use it within the editor of actual post, update , and see the map directly.

If you get a 404 just go to “Settings” > “Permalinks” and save again your settings.
This insures the system gets new post created within RVM !

Shortcode at the top of the page

10) Here we go: A beautiful clean and responsive map of Asia ready in few easy steps!

Ready to cusomize and see the map in action!


In case of any issue installing the map

  1. Search and delete the map folder + .zip file ( you can find it in WP uploads )
  2. Deactivate all other plugins but RVM
  3. Install the custom map following steps above

Download your favourite Custom Maps