How to install a RVM custom map

If you are running latest RVM version (since 6.1.2 ) and find following symbol on the map page:

Easy Installation icon


You can skip following explanation: New maps can be installed as a normal plugin.

For all the other where you cannot see that symbol, please continue reading this page !

A detailed explanation is also sent via email together with link to purchased map, so do not worry too much !

In this page I will explain how to install a downloaded map from this site ( aka RVM Custom Maps ).

Custom Maps only works since RVM 3.0. If you have an old version please install last from plugin inventory using the “Plugins” menu or downloading from WordPress repository.

Download your favourite Custom Maps

Before you start

Be sure you have checked the “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” in “Settings –> Media” (just for map installation).

Check Media settings
Media settings must have “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” checked
1) Let’s go installing a new map using the “Add New Map” link in RVM menu

"Add A New Map" link

2) Select “Add Custom Map »” from the Select Map drop down menu

Use "Add Custom Map" item from drop down menu


3) Select your custom map using the “Select Map” button

"Select Map" button


4) Use the “Upload Files” button to choose your custom map bought on this site and downloaded onto your computer

Upload your map via the "Media Uploader""

5) In this example we are uploading a map of Asia

Select your map, Asia in this example

6) Now map is ready to be installed into your WordPress site : use the “Install your map” button

Click on "Install your map" button

7) Map is correctly installed, we have green light from Nasa!

Map is correctly installed

8) Just publish the post and and you are ready to customize it and use it wherever you want via a shortcode or as a widget in a sidebar

Now you can publish your post

9) Shortcode is just at the top of the post. You can copy that shortcode and paste it in pages, posts or in the code using the do_shortcode() wp function. You can even use it within the editor of actual post, update , and see the map directly.

If you get a 404 just go to “Settings” > “Permalinks” and save again your settings.
This insures the system gets new post created within RVM !

Shortcode at the top of the page

10) Here we go: A beautiful clean and responsive map of Asia ready in few easy steps!

Ready to cusomize and see the map in action!


In case of any issue installing the map

  1. Search and delete the map folder + .zip file ( you can find it in WP uploads )
  2. Deactivate all other plugins but RVM
  3. Install the custom map following steps above

Download your favourite Custom Maps


61 thoughts on “How to install a RVM custom map”

  1. Hello, I have walked through the list of custom maps but could not found a custom map for GHANA, how can I have it?.
    Please advice.


  2. Hey Daniel,
    Thanks for the plugin! I’m trying to upload a custom map that is of a new development area. How do I setup the file so it can be imported into the site via your plugin?
    Thanks and all the best,

    1. Hi Andrey,

      you can try, even if Adobe Illustrator creates weird layout sometimes not suitable for jvectormap.

      Good luck !

        1. Hi Andrey,

          if you need to use a bitmap image, you can easily convert it using even tools online: i.e.: for SX-70 free vector map I’ve used an online converter ( after a light manipulation in Photoshop increasing the contrast ). On the other side, if you need to create a more complex svg and/or an svg from scratch you need software like Illustartor or Inkscape.
          Onestly I’m still trying the most suitable way to do it because svg produced from Illustrator have a lot of issues when converted into a jvectormap suitable map dataset.

          I’ve noticed that not grouping the paths in Illustrator produce better results.
          So I’m still investigating the better way to do it !
          Any contribute is welcome !

  3. Doesn’t work… “Damned… Something went wrong ! Please check if name of the map is correct ( place just map name) or if you have uploaded the map previous month and try again uploading map now using wordpress media uploader.”
    I’ve followed the instrucions correctly… Thx

    1. Hi Davide,
      I need some further details to understand what’s wrong here.

      I assume you inserted correct map name ( continents_merc_en )
      1) Can you please describes steps you took to install the custom map ?
      2) Are you running last version of RVM ( 4.0 )?
      3) Are you working locally or on webserver?
      4) Which browser are you using ?
      5) Logging out and logging in again into the Dashboard give same issue?

      If you prefer we can talk via email at

    2. Hi davide, have you solved it ?
      I guess you’ve already uploaded and installed correctly the map first time.
      If you need a different layout or placement for same map, just use the map in the “Custom Maps” drop down ( in select your map field ).

      Just let me know,

  4. I’m unable to install, follow all the steps, but the following message appears:
    Damned… Something went wrong ! Please check if name of the map is correct ( place just map name) or if you have uploaded the map previous month and try again uploading map now using wordpress media uploader.

    1. Hi Edson,

      I hope you solved as I did not receive anything back from you about this issue.
      Maybe you tried to install twice same map when you only need to create an instance of same map previously uploaded and installed.

      Then please upgrade RVM to latest version ( 4.0 ) if not done already.

      Just let me know,
      all the best,

    1. Hi Chupan,

      first of all thanks for your purchase.
      Now let’s see what’s happening over there.

      Can you please double check if you enabled following checkboxes in “Subdivisions” tab :

      Activate Mouse Over Background – hold [SHIFT] key for multiple select

      Just let me know

  5. Hi, I’ve just bought map of France Departments (order #1251) and I’ve followed all the instruction… The new custom map is announced like “succesfully installed”, but once it is published, it is empty… no preview, no map… What’s going wrong ? If there’s no fix to this issue, I want to be refunded.

    1. I found the issue… there is a double slashes // in the script code : “uploads//france-departments_merc_en/jquery-jvectormap-france-departments_merc_en.js”…

      A security script in my .htaccess denied access from these url…

      1. Hi Dareth,

        it’s weird you have such a path, should not have the double slash.
        Anyway great you found the issue and for sharing solution!

        All the best,

  6. Hi , I have this problem too. I’m unable to install, follow all the steps, I uploaded through wordpress media my zip map file, I tryed to install it (using only name without .zip extension) but the following message appears:
    Damned… Something went wrong ! Please check if name of the map is correct ( place just map name) or if you have uploaded the map previous month and try again uploading map now using wordpress media uploader.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      which map are you trying to install?
      Can you give me some more details about your enviroment ( browser, SO, local/server etc… )
      Thanks in advance

  7. Hello I purchased and uploaded a custom map but for some reason the map does not display on the front end after pasting shortcode.

    can you help?

    1. Hi Darnell,

      can you please list the steps you took to install the map ?
      Can you send over a link where I can check ? Bare in mind you need to use the shortcode into a post or page, you’ll not see map from the “view post”.

      Please let me know.

  8. Hi I’m having an issue where my map won’t upload. I’m using RVM version 5.0 and word press 4.4.2 on a chrome browser. I’ve tried it in IE and have the same issue. I get the following error:
    Damned… Something went wrong ! Please check if name of the map is correct ( place just map name) or if you have uploaded the map previous month and try again uploading map now using wordpress media uploader.

    1. Hi Priyanka,

      if I’m correct, you need just those 4 counties of Texas, not the entire Texas map with counties subdivisions, right ?

  9. Hi I want to create a map for London (UK, England) with certain Boroughs outlined, is this possble?

    (London Borough of Lewisham and neighbouring few boroughs)

  10. Does your country custom map allow me to map out subdivisions (provinces, cities, districts, etc) an make them just as interactive?

    1. Hi Wongar,

      thanks for contacting me.
      The only available subdivisions each map is listed in the map page.
      In order to have different subdivisions yo need different map.
      If you have specific requests, please contact me via email.

      Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Bahaa,

      I’ve replied via email to your question. Just let me have an image where all countries needed and I’ll eb able to make a quotation for that. All the best, Enrico

  11. Hi, I want to show a network on the world map that is already included in the plugin. how can i place the arrows? Can I make an overlay with a picture with the arrows?

    And is there a restriction regarding the amount of markers that can be set? We are not able to set more markers now. Looking forward to your soon answer. Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      if I’ve understood correctly, you wuld like to place markers with a custom marker icon on it. It’s pretty easy, open your map and go to markers. Start adding name, lat and long to any marker’s card. Dimensions and descr are optional.
      There is not a limit to markers placed on the map, just php.ini is. Please have a look at “Number of markers can be saved” paragraph on tips&tricks page.

      Just let me know!

    1. Unfortunately is not possible achieve what you are asking. Placing a layer upon would mean all the “connection” should be placed exactly over subdivisions and the image should be responsive, stretcging the position of connections and misaligning them. I would not go for that solution and I do not know how to help you further, sorry.

  12. Hi Enrico,

    it’s possible to have a world map that includes Bahrein, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao?

    Let me know and thanks for this good plugin!

    1. Hi Valentina,

      unfortunately is not possible as they would not be rendered as too small within that scale.
      Mi spiace 🙁

  13. Hello, thanks for those awesome maps. Is it possible to change the names of the countries in default world map?

    1. Hi Bojan,

      thanks for your words.
      It’s possible and here is explained how to do it!

      If you have time and appreciate RVM please spend 2 minutes to rate it! Thanks in advance.

  14. Hello,

    I installed your plugin, I have a map in svg format and no installation of the map. I followed the tutorial, deactivate my plugin and try to reload, but I only have the associated error message: Damn it … Something went wrong! Please check if name of the map is correct (place just map name) or if you have uploaded the map previous month and try again uploading map now using wordpress media uploader.

    1. Hi Marc, is not possible to upload svg directly: the file needs a specific format. Try to download the free SX-70 map to check it!
      All the best.

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