Map of Alabama Counties

Alabama Counties Map

Installation Notes:

  1. This map requires at least RVM ver. 6.1.2 to work. Please install latest free version of RVM if you have not done yet
  2. Download purchased map file onto your computer
  3. Go to “Plugins –> Add New” and install as normal plugin uploading the purchased map within your Wordpress dashboard
  4. Once plugin is activated, You’ll be able to see the new map within select menu of a new map (“RVM Maps –> Add New Map”).

In order to see the map using the “View post” link, just copy and paste the shortcode generated after publishing the map inside the editor.
If you get a 404 just go to “Settings –> Permalinks” and save again your settings.
This insures the system gets new post created within RVM !

Add Marker Module to use your images as markers’ pinpoints!

And do not forget to rate RVM on Wordpress!