Paraguay Map

Paraguay Map
Paraguay Map

ATTENTION: Is not possible to add markers for this map!

Map features

  • Easy to install and customise
  • Toggle ( show/hide ) elements on your page clicking on each subdivision
  • Adaptive to all devices without loosing quality
  • No coding skills required
  • Use shortcode in posts, pages and widgets
  • Linkable subdivisions
  • Customizable canvas background ( even transparent! )
  • Specific map width (%, em, rem or pixels)
  • Map padding
  • Customizable backgrounds each subdivision
  • Customizable backgrounds when mouse over
  • Border width (%, em, rem or pixels)
  • Zoom in/out option
  • Create markers using latitude and longitude


Paypal is our preferred gateway to buy our maps. It’s possible to perform a purchase even without a PayPal account and using your preferred credit card: just remember to use the “Create an Account” button on PayPal. See image below

pay with Credit card on PayPal.

This will not create an account although copy is a bit misleading.

For some reasons in some countries ( USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland ) the button will have different and correct text “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”.

pay with Credit card on PayPal

Installing a Custom Map

How to install a Custom Map

Subdivisions of Paraguay

  1. Asunción
  2. Alto Paraguay
  3. Boquerón
  4. Concepción
  5. Cordillera
  6. Presidente Hayes
  7. San Pedro
  8. Central
  9. Guairá
  10. Misiones
  11. Ñeembucú
  12. Paraguarí
  13. Amambay
  14. Alto Paraná
  15. Caaguazú
  16. Caazapá
  17. Canindeyú
  18. Itapúa
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