In the last century a lot none all biggest companies of western countries brought their core production abroad.
Looking for cheaper production workers and infrastructures, they moved mainly to Asia: We  all know China is the factory of the world. But this is changing, and is changing quickly.

Actually China is investing its incredible reserve of money in other continents and countries, especially in Africa.
Differently to what has been done by Usa and Europe, China is building infrastructures such as highways,  railways and factories.
One of the latest country to fall under the interest of China, is Ethiopia.
Ethiopia is becoming the new Mecca for clothes production of big Companies: Guess, Levi’s and H&M, just to do some examples.
Ethiopia offers cheap manpower, tax relief and exemption from import duties and taxes.

The new factory district of Hawassa employs +1400 workers already and it’ s supposed to reach 20,000 within 2019.
This is how mainly works: China government gives money to Ethiopia, this money is used to let private chinese companies building infrastructures provided that ethiopian manpower is used.

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