On last March 21, in Kigali, capital of Rwanda, took place a summit of some of most important heads of government of Africa.

The purpose of the summit was the signing of a document that provides for the abolition of trade duties and improves checks at the boundaries.
If what stated in this paper will be fully applied by single countries all bureaucratic impediments which stops development and trade will be changed.
So, for example, for Kenya people will be easier selling to Nigeria or opening new busyness abroad and viceversa.
This document is a part of major strategic vision of African Union called Agenda 2063: according to this vision Africa will be a continent where people will be able to move from one country to another with an african passport and using a new coin called “Afro”.

Not all countries are happy about this agreement (i.e.: Nigeria, which is the most powerful economy in Africa) as they think to be penalized.
Let’s what will happen and if Agenda 2063 will see the full development one day!

Check our map of Africa and map of Rwanda!