Generally when we think about Africa a lot of stereotype popup in our mind: poverty, magnificent sunsets, endless fields and so on.
It’ rare to relate Africa to technology.
But fortunately reality can overcome our thoughts and our limited horizons.
Kenya is a good example and an inspiring example for other African countries!

Newspapers start talking of Kenya in terms of Savannah Valley, to make a comparison with well known Silicon Valley in California.
Up to ten years ago there was not a fast internet access.

But thanks to the effort of the government and especially the commitment of Bitange Ndemo, ex managers at Minister of Communications, who pushed to invest on a submarine cable bringing the optical fiber, a lot of steps ahead were made.

Since there a lot of informatics innovations were developed in Kenya, in combination with the sales grow of mobile phones and smartphones.

M-Pesa shop

M-Pesa shop

Most famous is M-Pesa, a mobile system for easy payments.
Actually M-Pesa is spread in 39 countries.

In Nairoby alone there are more then forty tech start ups.
Another good example is Ushahidi, a platform to report special events, dangers or cases of violences in real time.
Just to have an idea, it was used even during Obama’s presidential campaign!

Are you thinking is a good idea to have map of Kenya at your fingertips? Here we go!

Download map of Kenya now

…or maybe entire Africa… you know what, we have it!