After studies and researches Enac ( National Agency for Civil Aviation ) located Apulia as the best site for space launches for turistic purposes since 2020.

Actual infrastructures of Marcello Arlotta will be used without many changes. Site is between Taranto and Grottaglie.

Italy will be first European country to host a turistic spaceport.
The idea is to bring people at 15,000 km from ground with a mother ship and then release a rocket with max 6 people plus two pilots to see our extraordinary planet.

Planes’ take-off will be horizontal while the planes themselves will be similar to actual jet planes.

Apulia was choosen after an agreement signed on December 2017  by Atec and Virgin Galactin of Richard Branson, who is investing a lot of money in developing the Space Ship Two ( the rocket ) and its vector vehicle WhiteKnight Two ( the mother ship ).

White Knight Two and Space Ship Two

White Knight Two and Space Ship Two

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